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Vintage Cpu

Intel 486 DX4 -100 A80486DX4X100 VINTAGE CERAMIC CPU GOLD SK096


Vintage Gold Ceramic CPU Motorola MC88100RC33


Intel Pentium 133MHz Vintage CPU Socket 5 & 7 A80502 133 SY022


Intel i486 DX2 A80486DX2-66 Ceramic GOLD CPU Processor 66MHz Vintage no bent pin


Vintage Ceramic CPU IBM 6x86L PR200 150mhz


Vintage Intel 80486DX2 CPU die: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged.


Vintage ~ INTEL PENTIUM SL27K w/ MMX tech A80503166 2.8V SOCKET 7 processor CPU


IIT VP2000 Vintage Microprocessor computer Ceramic Gold processor cpu


CPU IDT WINCHIP2 W2-3DEE200GSA 3X 66MHz Clock Vintage


Vintage Intel 88C196EC CPU die: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged.


Vintage Intel i860 80860 Processor CPU A80860XP-50 CPGA SX657 w/ HS


Vintage Gold Ceramic CPU Motorola MC88200RC33


Cyrix Cx486 DX2-66 Vintage CPU


5 Lid LLC Integrated Circuit CPU Chip For Your Collection gold vintage rare


Vintage Turbo Main Board For 386DX, Cyrix 486DLC


Rare AMD 386 DX-33 33MHz A80386DX-33 Vintage Gold Ceramic CPU


Vintage Intel Pentiumâ„¢ 120MHz Socket 7 A80502120 CPU Free Shipping!


2x Bizarre 16 Die Large Gold NIR LEDs vintage gold chip cpu display rare


Vintage MOTOROLA MC6800 8L8 6800 Purple Ceramic CPU


Intel 486 DX4 -100 A80486DX4-100 VINTAGE CERAMIC CPU GOLD w/ HS


TI 486 SXL2-66, 80486, Vintage CPU with heatsink, NEW, GOLD, TOP condition


Lot of 50 vintage Intel Pentium Ceramic CPU Gold Scrap Recovery


486 DX4 120, AMD, CPU, Vintage, RetroComputing


(1) RARE Intel 8086 C, SAB 8086-1-C Siemens CPU vintage purple ceramic


Vintage AMD K5 PR75 75MHz socket 5/7 CPU


Lot of 5 Tiny Glass Window PAL Integrated Circuit CPU Chip gold top vintage


Rare Vintage Gold Ceramic CPU NEC VR4400MC D30412RJ-75 JAPAN Two


Intel Pentium 133MHz A80502133 Collectible Vintage CPU


Big Mystery Lidless Logic Chip CPU IC ceramic vintage processor gold rare


Vintage AT&T 6386/25 (CPU 313) Computer


2 Intel Pentium Processor and 1 AMD X5 Chip Vintage


Intel Pentium Processor Computer Chip Vintage CPU


RARE Intel D8089-3 Ceramic Processor IC Dip-40 Vintage CPU 1979 Lot(2) Original


Vintage Intel CG80286-6 B, 286 Microprocessor CPU Chip, Used


RARE Original Vintage CompuPro CPU 8085/88 S-100 Computer Bus Board


Vintage AMD K5 CPU die: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged.