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Vintage 80's Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-3800 100% Serviced


Vintage 80's Pioneer AM FM Stereo Receiver Model SX-3800


Pioneer SX-3800 Stereo Receiver Owners Manual


Pioneer SX-3800 Knob Volume Control AAB-240


Pioneer SX-3800 3900? 3700? Stereo pot knob antenna power switch parts lot


Pioneer SX-3800 Arcrylic Lamp Defuser


Pioneer SX-3800 Speaker Switch Assembly GWS-223


Pioneer SX-3800 Remote Slide Switch ASX-130


Pioneer SX-3800 Power Transformer ATT-744


Pioneer SX-3800 Tuning Knob AAA-066


Vintage Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-3800


Pioneer SX-3800 Transformer Rare!! ((Multi Voltage Only))) ATT-683


Pioneer SX-3700 SX-3800 SX-3900 Push Knob Assy ((Function)) green Only AAD-226


Pioneer SX-3800 Bass Control ACT-135


SX-3800 Stereo Complete (11 Lamp) LED Replacement Lamps Kit


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 Circuit Chip Fluorescent Display (16 Pin) HA12010


Pioneer SX-3800 Dial Drum Assembly & Dial Pointer


Pioneer SX-3800 Tone Control Assembly GWG-141


Pioneer SX-3800 Stereo Receiver Original Speaker Board Part GWS-2220 GWS-2230


Pioneer SX-3700 SX-820 SX-3800 2SC2525 Output Transistor ((Original))


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 Tuning Shaft Assembly AXA-260


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 SX-3900 Detector Assy & Board ANV-032 & GWX-463


Pioneer SX-3700 SX-3800 SX-3900 SX-820 Ferrite Bar Loop AM Antenna ATB-624


Pioneer SX-3800 Stereo Receiver Original Antenna


PA3007 Pioneer SX-3700 SX-780 SX-3800 Intergrated Circut Chip ((18 Pin))


Pioneer SX-3800 Ornimental Tunning Collar Ring for Face Plate!!!! AAG-066


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 Antenna Terminal AKA-013


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-890 SX-3700 SX-3800 SX-3900 Lamp Socket


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 Push Switch & Board (Bright/Dim) ASG-230 & GWS-226


Pioneer SX-3700 SX-3800 SX-3900 Push Knob Assy ((Function)) red Only AAD-226


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 SX-820 Balance Control Switch ACT-021


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 Switch Mode-Low Filter Lever (One per sale) ASK-152


Pioneer SX-1050 SX-850 SX-950 SX-3800 SX-1280 Voltage Selector Fuse Holder


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 Speaker Remote Slide Switch ASX-137


Pioneer SX-3800 D-5000 AC Socket (Could be used with other units.) AKP-042


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 SX-820 Treble Control ACT-136


Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3900 SX-3700 Ear Phone Jack Assembly GWK-146


Pioneer SX-3700 SX-3800 Sx-3900 SX-820 Pin Jack 4P AKB-063


6 LED lamp fits Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 SX-3600 and Receivers and tuners


Pioneer SX 3800, Speaker Post Connector


6 LED lamp for Pioneer SX-3800 SX-3700 SX-3600 and More Receivers


Pioneer SX-3700 Lever Knob Cover SX-3800 SX-3900 AAD-139 Light Wear


Pioneer Sx 3800 Tone Controls & Board / Bass-Treble-Low Filter-Mode, A Deal!