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Single Spurs

Lot of Six Single Spurs Crockett Kelly and Renalde and One Pair


Antique 1700 Spanish Colonel Single Spur- Santa Fe Collection


Spur Single Drop Shank Old California Vequero Americana


Vintage Western Americana Spur Single Left Black Leather No Makers Mark


Vintage Partrade Single Spur


Antique Single Spur Calvary


Single silvertone spur without strap


Antique Buermann's Single Left Spur


Antique Unmarked Buermann Single Spur


Antique, Crockett Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs With Arrow Shanks!


Antique Kelly Bros. Single Mounted Collectible "Gal Leg" Cowboy Spurs, Pre 1939


Spanish Colonial single spur.




Antique Crockett Single Mounted Sombrero Pattern Cowboy Spurs


Antique Kelly Bros. Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs, Highly Collectible!


Antique Crockett, Inside Mark, Single Mounted, Lady Leg Spurs!!


Antique, Inside Marked Crockett Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs With Heart Buttons!


Single kids vintage Spur


Antique Crockett Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs With Copper Eagles!


Big AWESOME Unmarked CROCKETT Silver Mounted Heart Button Single Spur


Antique single mexican Spur.


NICE! HEAVY!! George Blackwood Modern Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs w/ chap guard


Antique Kelly Bros. & Parker (KB&P) Single Mounted Collectible Cowboy Spurs


Single Spur


Desert Scene Western Spurs/ Single Mounted /Jepperson/USA


NICE! Buddy Knight, Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs with Longhorn Designs!


Antique Inside Marked Crockett "Mullins" Pattern, Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs


Antique Kelly Bros. Single Mounted Cowboy Spurs - Circa 1919 - 1939


McChesney single right spur, excellent shape


Antique Crockett Single Mounted, Larger Size, Cowboy Spurs


Antique mexican single Spur.


maness steerhead single mounted silver spurs with lady leg


i Antique Single Crockett Mustache Spur with Silver/Nickle Overlay


Spanish Colonial single Spur.


AHE Western Fancy Show Boot Spurs Dressage 5 Point Star Single Mounted 2099-LML


Vintage Single Spur North & Judd Anchor Mark Brass Nickel


Antique Mexican single spur.


Vintage Engraved Unmarked Single Spur With Dingleberries


1800's CIVIL WAR Solid Brass Bronze Single Officers Riding Horse Spur


Nice Vintage/Antique Hand-Forged Mexican Spur - Single


Vintage Single Spurs, Starsteel Silver, KF?,KP?, KR? Marked


i Antique Single Kelly Spur with Arrow through a Heart Brass Overlay